34 Vegan Ice Cream Recipes + Tips

If you can’t or don’t eat dairy, that shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on ice cream! We’ve gathered our top tips for making vegan ice cream plus our favorite recipes to beat the heat!

How to Make Vegan Ice Cream

Using an ice cream maker is the best way to achieve creamy, perfectly chilled ice cream. But for those not ready to invest in an ice cream maker, banana “nice cream” and our no-churn methods are also options!

The other key to creamy vegan ice cream is to use rich dairy-free alternatives such as coconut and/or cashew milk. Our favorite is a combination of the two!

The Classics

GFVGVDFCreamy Vegan Vanilla Ice CreamVegan vanilla ice cream that’s creamy, perfectly sweet, and easy to make! Just 6 ingredients and simple methods required for this dreamy dessert!Make The RecipeGFVGVDFVegan Chocolate Ice CreamCreamy, 6-ingredient vegan chocolate ice cream infused with cocoa powder, vegan dark chocolate, and coconut cream. Simple methods, extremely rich and satisfying results.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFCreamy Vegan Strawberry Ice CreamCreamy vegan strawberry ice cream that’s perfectly sweet and infused with vibrant strawberry flavor! Just 7 simple ingredients.Make The Recipe

More Flavors

GFVGVDFVegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream10-ingredient MEGA creamy vegan ice cream loaded with peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough! So creamy and decadent you’d never believe it was dairy- and egg-free.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFNSRaspberry Ripple Coconut Ice CreamAmazing Raspberry Ripple Coconut Ice Cream that’s creamy, sweet, tart, and SO delicious! Just 8 ingredients and minimal effort to create this summery, swoon-worthy treat!Make The RecipeGFVGVDFVegan Snickers Ice CreamVegan coconut milk ice cream with vegan caramel sauce, roasted peanuts, and bits of bittersweet chocolate.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFVegan Chai Ice CreamCashew-based vegan chai ice cream that’s luxuriously creamy and spicy-sweet. Surprisingly easy and quick to make with simple ingredients!Make The RecipeVGVDFCinnamon Toast Ice Cream (Dairy-Free)Creamy, sweet, vegan cinnamon toast ice cream. The perfect dessert in the summer! Gluten-free optional.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFVegan Pumpkin Pie Ice CreamCreamy 10-ingredient vegan pumpkin pie ice cream with tons of creamy pumpkin purée. Simple to make, perfectly sweetened, and subtly spiced.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFNSCoffee Coconut Ice CreamCreamy coffee ice cream made with coconut milk, pure vanilla extract, raw sugar, and bold coffee.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFCreamy Vegan Mint Brownie Ice Cream10-ingredient vegan GF mint ice cream with brownie chunks!Make The RecipeVGVDFCherry Pie Ice CreamSeriously decadent Vegan Cherry Pie Ice Cream made with just 10 ingredients using simple methods! Real pieces of cherry pie filling and crust swirled throughout.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFVegan Brownie Chocolate Ice CreamChocolate brownie ice cream that tastes just like the real thing! Only my version is vegan and gluten-free, and it requires just 7 ingredients.Make The Recipe

Banana “Nice Cream”

Banana “nice cream” is a fun twist on ice cream, made with a base of (you guessed it) frozen ripe bananas!

It can be made without an ice cream maker or any added sugar. It’s also super quick and requires just a high-speed blender or food processor to prepare!

It does melt more quickly than traditional ice cream and each flavor will have a slight banana taste. So if you aren’t a banana fan, we’d suggest sticking to one of our more traditional vegan ice cream flavors.

GFVGVDFNSEasy Banana Ice Cream (Tips + 10 flavors!)The ultimate guide to making EASY, perfect 1-INGREDIENT banana ice cream every time! We’re sharing our top tips and tricks, plus 10 delicious flavors!Make The RecipeGFVGVDFNSCoffee Chocolate Nice CreamThe flavors of coffee and chocolate blend together in this bowl of creamy banana ice cream. Decaf options included + tips for getting perfectly scoopable banana ice cream. Just 3 ingredients and simple methods required!Make The RecipeGFVGVDFNSTahini Chocolate Banana Soft ServeSuper creamy and naturally sweetened banana soft serve infused with tahini paste and raw cacao powder! A healthier and delicious way to indulge in a plant-based dessert or snack.Make The Recipe

No-Churn Ice Creams

GFVGVDFVegan Vanilla Soft Serve (No-Churn!)Creamy vegan vanilla soft serve made with simple methods and NO ice cream maker. SO classic and just 6 ingredients required!Make The RecipeGFVGVDFNSNo Churn Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream5-ingredient no-churn vegan chocolate ice cream that has all the creaminess, flavor, and richness of the real thing! Naturally sweetened, vegan, and gluten-free.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFMint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Vegan, No Churn!)Creamy mint chocolate chip ice cream made without an ice cream maker! A delicious, dairy-free dessert with fresh mint, peppermint extract, and matcha. Just 8 ingredients required! Make The Recipe


GFVGVDFRaspberry Coconut Mango Sorbet6-ingredient Mango Sorbet with creamy coconut milk and a handful of fresh raspberries. Creamy, tropical (like guava!), perfectly sweet, and delicious for summertime.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFNSStrawberry Watermelon Sorbet (5 Minutes)5-minute watermelon sorbet made in a blender with nothing but ripe summer fruit and a splash of almond milk. This unbelievably refreshing sorbet tastes like cotton candy.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFNS3-Ingredient Mango Sorbet (No-Churn!)The easiest mango sorbet that also happens to be naturally sweetened, NO-churn, and SO easy to make! Just 3 ingredients required.Make The Recipe


GFVGVDFNSCreamy Vegan Strawberry Milkshake (4 Ingredients!)The ULTIMATE vegan strawberry milkshake — creamy perfection without the dairy! Naturally sweetened, BIG strawberry flavor, and just 4 ingredients required!Make The RecipeGFVGVDFNSVegan Jamocha Shake (Maple-Sweetened!)Creamy, vegan Jamocha shake inspired by the classic Arby’s shake! Chocolate and coffee are a match made in heaven. Just 7 ingredients required!Make The RecipeGFVGVDFVegan Chocolate Coffee ShakeAmazing 3-ingredient coconut mocha shake! Made with vanilla bean coconut ice cream, cocoa powder, and strong brewed coffee. Creamy, caffeinated, and perfectly sweet.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFBourbon Pumpkin MilkshakesA creamy, decadent pumpkin milkshake infused with fall spices and bourbon. The ultimate cold weather boozy indulgence.Make The Recipe

Ways to Enjoy Vegan Ice Cream

By the spoonful is of course an amazing way to enjoy ice cream. But if you’re looking for something extra special, try it in an ice cream cake, ice cream sandwich, or on desserts such as crisps, cobblers, and brownies!

VGVDFVegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake4-layer vegan mint chocolate ice cream cake, made with 1-bowl vegan chocolate cake and creamy, cashew-based mint ice cream! Mint-chocolate heaven.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFChai Ginger Ice Cream SandwichesCreamy ice cream sandwiches made with a sweet-and-spicy chai ice cream and tender ginger cookies. So simple and entirely vegan and gluten-free!Make The RecipeVGVDFBrownie Ice Cream SandwichesDairy-free chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two vegan brownie halves. A chocolate lover’s paradise.Make The RecipeGFVGVDF5-Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream SnickersVegan ice cream Snickers made at home with just 5 ingredients! Naturally sweetened, so rich and creamy, and shockingly close to the real thing!Make The RecipeGFVGVDFEasy Peach Crisp (Vegan + GF)Simple, 10-ingredient Peach Crisp that’s naturally vegan and gluten-free! Butter-free, simple methods, and so delicious with dairy-free ice cream!Make The RecipeGFVGVDFNSThe Best Vegan Apple CrispThe best vegan apple crisp, naturally sweetened and made in 1 bowl! Tender, caramelized apples under a crispy pecan-oat topping. Fall dessert perfection.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFNSEasy Gluten-Free Berry Cobbler (Vegan)Perfect vegan fruit cobbler packed with ripe, juicy summer fruit and topped with flaky gluten-free biscuits. Baked to bubbly golden perfection! Just 10 simple ingredients required.Make The RecipeGFVGVDFNSFudgy Sweet Potato Brownies (V/GF)Incredibly fudgy sweet potato brownies with cacao, almond butter, and oats. Naturally sweetened with maple syrup and topped with pecans and chocolate chips for the ultimate healthier treat!Make The Recipe

If you give any of these recipes a try, let us know! Leave a comment, or take a picture and tag it @minimalistbaker on Instagram.

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